Connetix Magnetic Tiles V. Magnatiles V. Picasso Tiles

We are excited to bring magnetic tiles to the shop. They are an amazing open-ended toy, and along with blocks, they have quickly become a playroom staple.

One of the more common questions parents have is which brand of magnetic tiles to purchase. There are so many varieties, and they're not cheap, so parents want to make sure they're making the best choice for their family before committing to their purchase.

How do Connetix Magnetic Tiles compare to other top brands?

After comparing Connetix Magnetic Tiles to other top brands, we decided they are the best fit for our store. The reason is simple, we felt the offer the best quality. The other benefit of purchasing from a top brand like Connetix is that you can add them to your existing collection because they are compatible with other leading brands. One of our favorite features of Connetix Magnetic tiles is that they're made with child safety in mind. They're made from non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free ABS food-grade plastic, and they use ultrasonic welding to ensure your child's safety. They're also easy to maintain and clean easily with a damp cloth.

We also looked at price. We want to make sure we offer you the best value for the price of the product you're purchasing. Below is the price for each of the top brands brands we compared. These prices are for a 100 piece set of tiles. Connetix pricing is about midrange. You can purchase a 42 piece set from our site for $50 or a 100 piece set for $99.

Magnatiles: $120

Connetix Tiles: $99

Picasso Tiles: $50

Price is important, but it's what you get for the price that makes a difference. Connetix has the larger magnets of out the three brands we compared. Why does this matter? The size of the magnet will determine the hold as your child builds tall and complex structures. Magnatiles and Picasso have the same size magnets.

The other difference we noticed between the tiles is in clarity. After all, your children will be working hard to build beautiful things with their tiles, and you'll want them to showcase as nicely as possible. Connetix Tiles have a concave shape and that protects them a bit better from scratches and helps keeps the tiles more clear. They also don't have any supports across the tiles. Their strength as well as their clarity comes from their unique shape. Picasso Tiles and Magna Tiles are flat making them more susceptible to scratches.

After looking at safety, price, quality, and clarity we determined that Connetix Tiles provide the best value and are the best fit for our store. Currently we carry the 100 pc set as well as the 42 pc set. You can shop them by clicking here.

From left to right. Magnatiles, Connetix Tiles, Picasso Tiles

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